CCRS Diocese of Tulsa

Mission Statement – To help the Church embrace a Trinitarian Renewal: to glorify God, our Father and to know the healing love and forgiveness of God; to renew a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord both personally and through community; to experience the indwelling presence, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Objective – As a part of the Diocesan Office of Divine Worship the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service (CCRS) provides opportunities to experience, learn about and utilize the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit through conferences, seminars, prayer groups and Holy Masses.

Service Team Members — Dr. Jim Shelton, Kathy Beckham, Irma Chajecki, Pius Devasahayam, Carla Lechner, Susan McMcGinnis, Harry Hanig, Kay Limke, Connie Ringer, Charles Michie/Director and Sheila Michie/Co-director.

Advisory Members-  Father John O’Neill, Pastor, Saint John of the Iron Gate Church, Dr. Robert and Carole Scott, and Donna Wuerch

Diocesan Liaison- Father Jack Gleason, Pastor, Church of Saint Mary

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