CCRS 2017-2018 Event Calendar

Healing & Evangelization Conference

January 2018

Fri. Jan. 19, 2018  6:15 – 8:30 PM  &  Sat. Jan. 20th 8 AM– 9 PM                     Church of the Madalene, Tulsa, OK

Dr. Mary Healy, internationally recognized speaker, provides incisive teaching on the vast need today for healing and instructs and counsels participants in methods for leading grace filled prayer for healing and recovery.  Includes Holy Mass, meals, praise and worship, and culminates with a healing prayer service.  See link under category/events (menu on right)  to view conference brochure and registration form or call CCRS Office: 918-808-7383 for  further information.

Life in the Spirit Seminar: The Gift

November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th   December 5th, 12th      7:00 – 8:30 PM

Through interactive, video-recorded presentations, praise, prayer, and reflection participants awaken to the Holy Spirit’s activity in their lives, a deepened experience of the gifts and fruits bestowed at Baptism and Confirmation.  Over the course of six weeks 6 talks are presented to prepare for an experience of New Pentecost, a fresh empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Register through CCRS Office: 918-808-7383

Elements of Roman Catholicism aka “Why do Catholics do that?”   at Church of the Madalene

November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th   December 5th, 12th      7:00 – 8:30 PM

Six-week spirituality course by Chris King provides in depth understanding of the fundamental teachings which the Roman Catholic Church holds fast including 7 Sacraments; 10 Commandments; Holy Mass; Parts of the Church; Mary and Marian Feasts, and reasons for these practices, i.e. it explores the parts of the Mass, liturgical background, clerical vestments, and the unique colors in sacramental celebrations used through a Church year. Register through Diocese of Tulsa, 918-294-1904

The Holy Spirit in the Church

Tuesday Jan. 23rd &  30th  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Two-week course by Chris King provides overview of Church teaching and references from Sacred Scripture on the Holy Spirit, how the Holy Spirit is active in the Church today. Register through PSI 918-294-1904

April 2018

The Creed: This We Believe

Tues April 17th & 24th 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Six-week course facilitated by Chris King provides overview of early church beliefs, heresies, church councils, and the creeds juxtaposed against world, political, and religious event timelines, and the faith that corrected the heresies thereby solidifying church doctrines. Register through PSI 918-294-1904

Life in the Spirit Seminar: The Gift

Friday, April 13th  6:00 – 9:00 PM  &  Saturday, April 14th   8 AM – 4 PM

An introduction to a life lived in the presence of the Holy Spirit – an opportunity to rekindle gifts received at Baptism and Confirmation.  Participants are invited to a personal “Pentecost” –a new release of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power in one’s life and for the life of the Church.


15 Responses to CCRS 2017-2018 Event Calendar

  1. Don & Angela Swenson says:

    Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
    We have just had a “Praying for your sons and daughters and loved ones” seminar with Vernon Robertson in our church. It was a phenominal turnout, with our church filled! Vernon suggested turning to you for advice.
    We run the Intercessory prayer ministry in St. Michael’s, praying for our priests, families community, ministries and whatever the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts. We are a bit discouraged because our priests do not promote our ministry and sometimes there are only three of us there! We meet every Wednesday evening . Do you have any suggestions for building up this prayer ministry? Thank you and God bless you all! Don & Angela Swenson.

    • Dorothy J. Hardesty says:

      Dear friends in the Spirit,
      we, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, know your feelings, first
      about the priests among you. Patience and prayer is the
      key I believe I learned. All prayer meetings must be led
      by the Holy Spirit as you well know, but until the Spirit opens
      the hearts of the priests and they individually respond to His
      call……just like each of us had to hear the call and answer it,
      you will still just be “pushing”…they must have open hearts to
      join you. Be patient and continually pray and intercede for
      your priests. Then watch what the Spirit will do. Some times it takes
      Secondly, even if there are only 3 of you in your prayer group,
      don’t give it up. The first PG I was involved in met at my home.
      We got down from 14 to only 3 of us and debated whether to
      just close it down, but then decided to as the Holy Spirit if he
      wanted the prayer group to continue. One evening we prayed
      that if He wanted us to continue, He would have to send the
      people He wanted to come..He heard our plea and the following
      week, 2 new people came, then more came as the weeks went
      on. We soon had about 15 committed members. And we have
      stayed together, coming and going, new and old members for
      nearly 20 yrs now.
      So as you grow under the Spirit’s guidance, so will your priests
      and your ministry.
      We will keep your group in our prayers.
      Love and prayers,
      Dorothy Hardesty (Maranatha Prayer Group)

  2. Janis Patterson says:

    Please add me to your mailings and also when is your next healing Mass and where?


  3. Daniel Boakye says:

    Don and Angelina, may the Good Lord Bless you for your commitment to the work of the Holy Spirit amidst challenges. Be encouraged and the Holy Spirit Himself will speak and work things out for your group

  4. ccrstulsa says:

    Don & Angela,
    God bless you & your efforts. How are you?
    Charles & Sheila Michie

  5. Dolly Barry says:

    Do you have a Charismatic newsletter?

  6. Please add: Dolly Barry, 14978 N 58th East Avenue, Collinsville, Ok 74021. I would like to receive your newsletters and any notices of prayer events during the rest of this year. Thank you. God bless.

  7. Bro. Theophilus El-dorado Ezike says:

    Like to receive copies of the teaching, if it’s possible.

    • ccrstulsa says:

      Brother Theophilus, Thank you for your interest in the teachings. We do not record the teachings so I cannot offer that. If the presenters have handouts, perhaps we can email them to you, if the presenter agrees to that. Blessings, the CCRS Team

  8. árpi says:

    I ask you to pray for him and his ex-girlfriend MONIKA FICZ that we again get together, forgive each other for everything to be back among us love, affection, patience, serenity, peace, togetherness as soon as possible between us, understanding, joy, happiness, come right in what the two of us relationship with each other, come mónika back to me, let’s be a couple, marry, live with each other happily, the Lord Jesus bless us, our relationship with the co-our existence, God, bring us together again, and give the Monika and I have full conversion Jesus and prayer for me one more comprehension, families conversion, peace, workplace, profession, miracles for our us and our family life, healing each other physically mentally, and our families, too, thank you to pray for us, God bless you this themselves be blessed, Jesus , amen!

  9. Charles says:

    Please pray for me and for my family that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on us, grant us His divine favours, protection, good healthy, and divine direction in all our plans and purposes to the glory of God, amen.

  10. It seems that I have missed out on passed events or meetings. Am unsure if this is even where I should be. This year I went through a spiritual conversion,. As some say I have been reborn in Christ. There is a profound movement of the Holy Spirit working through me. Discipleship and evangelism is what the Spirit is moving me to. So tell me is this CCRSTULSA where I should be?

    • ccrstulsa says:

      Hello, Howard, Would you like to be added to our CCRS email list so you can receive notices of upcoming events? How wonderful that you are experiencing such a profound spiritual conversion in your life. Do you live in or near Tulsa. We suggest you come to the next Holy Mass sponsored by CCRS on October 28th at 7:00 PM at Church of the Madalene. Charles Michie

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